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Biggest conspiracy in Egypt's modern historyالمؤامره الكبرى على مصر

A Leak All document by Anne Hoffman reveals that what took place after the ouster of Mubarak is a silent security pseudo-coup. It started as CIA ordered Hosni Mubarak to step down, with promises of his security, to assign an undercover US-Egypt security board consisting of high-profile members of the Central Intelligence Agency and Egypt's General Intelligence Service, to conduct the coup and to govern Egypt in effect. It was agreed that a military junta would appear as the apparent ruler of Egypt through a transition period, but the junta was just a front. All unrest, mistrust, put-up jobs and big games were the only events that took place since February 11, 2011 until now. These events are considered as a farce, an intelligence theatrical performance to pave the way for major events like the reoccupation of Sinai and the intimidation and the occupation of people's minds away from democracy, justice and peaceful protests. Some of the lies the public have heard are that the remnants of Mubarak's regime are ruining the country; Muslim Brotherhood killed protesters at Tahrir Square and allowed Al-Qaeda and Hamas to prevail in Sinai; Omar Suleiman died/was killed. In fact, the said board committed the Port Said massacre, sectarian strife, fabricated Jihadists in Sinai and many other memorable situations. They even publicized the death of Omar Suleiman to make Egyptians believe that Muslim Brotherhood killed him and that the choice of the revolutionaries is mired, lame and shameful, although people are not part of that game, and to also keep Suleiman away from the counter-revolution public charges. One of the major lies is that Mubarak and the regime members are in prison. It is worth to say that they are leading a normal life just like anybody but in secret places; some of them are summoned on regular bases to appear before the camera for the misinformation of the public. Omar Suleiman's death is a lie just like Bin Laden's. Muslim Brotherhood was assigned to replace Mubarak through a meticulously rigged elections assisted by the propaganda machine of integrity and liberty. Actually, all known presidential candidates were first recruited and then chosen by GIS to make entrance for them into the game. All efforts has been exerted to rescue the CIA-founded regime in the region, besides a democratic Egypt would jeopardize the interests of US and Israel. And here is an excerpt: 'Biggest conspiracy in Egypt's modern history U.S. is the remote ruler of Egypt March 17, 2012 A pure revolution had happened, but in the last days of Mubarak's resignation, CIA tried to place Wael Ghonim as a leader and speaker of the revolution by kidnapping the real creator of Facebook page, "We Are All Khalid Said", in coordination with the Egyptian General Intelligence Directorate (GID). The deliberate mass media fuss about Ghonim had started at the time, meanwhile, U.S. ordered Mubarak to step down and to assign Supreme Council of Armed Forces to take control of the government; U.S. also gave Hosni Mubarak guarantees of full rights and prestige as a former president. In fact, what took place, then, was an American coup against a leaderless revolution. The Egyptian administration is a puppet moved by U.S. however and whenever they desire. The external form of the revolution after 11 February 2011 was that the SCAF took care of the revolution and its demands, but nothing of that had been achieved. Calls had mounted, and then SCAF tried to make the "Stability and Wheel of Production" propaganda, which means, according to the junta, that not criticizing or even blaming SCAF is a must. Again, demands of the liberty of the revolution by the people had mounted, and then SCAF tried to frighten the people with conspiracies, foreign intriguers and minor rioters, but at this point, people insisted that SCAF should step down, if it cannot stop the plots, and people went to Tahrir Square. At the time, SCAF tried to discredit Tahrir Square by publicizing the "Silent Majority", who is supporting SCAF whatever it does, and chose Abbassiya Square as their centre. People demanded that SCAF should stop dispersing revolutionaries. Some incidents had intermingled with the above mentioned events such as sectarian strives, religious terrorism mainly by a new GID front called, the Salafis, besides the recruitment of professional outlawed criminals and the instructions given to top police officials not to maintain security or national stability. Egyptian authority re-recruited new internal media assets like "Tawfiq Oukasha" to brainwash simple non-politicized people who already are weary of unrest. Economic intimidation was also a tool to make people abstain from protesting and to go for work. A new stage had emerged which was based on accusations of treason against who participated in the revolution, and even putting some of them under arrest. The American coup takes money, by direct order, from oil-rich countries who are also assets of CIA. Some of the funds are spent on the Salafis who emerged to destabilize the society and terrorize people and then SCAF publicizes the fact that it is the choice of the people themselves. As for Muslim Brotherhood, it is a group tamed by security services and was kept for a day like the day of rage; it is also a puppet moved by the secret service which, in turn, is moved by Washington as well, then SCAF publicizes the fact that it is the choice of the people too. The phase of rigging elections comes not through polling, but through the announcement of results by GID fronts. What actually takes place is the reproduction of a Mubarak-like system, approved by U.S. in order to maintain its interests and its agents inside and outside Egypt. It is not about stolen money or dismantled institutions or even trials which are partly a hoax and the other part is a scapegoat, it is about the new concept of "remote occupation". Egypt is occupied by U.S. and its agents who try to make simple people believe that who criticize those in Authority are the real traitors who want to bring Egypt down. The events in Libya, Yemen and Syria are merely a scheme to foil the Arab Spring; the civil wars are used as a terrorizing card to make people choose between war and stability. Now, the following list are some of the GID's agents in Egypt: ·
Mona el-Shazly ·
Wael Ghonim ·
Mohamed Saad al-Katatni ·
Hossam Badrawi ·
Mohamed Morsi ·
Mohammad Badie ·
Mustafa Bakri ·
Tawfiq Oukasha ·
Hayat al-Dardiri ·
Mohammed Hassan ·
El-Sayyid el-Badawi Shehata ·
Mansour Hassan ·
Hazem Salah Abu Ismail ·
Mohammad Salim Al-Awa ·
Safwat Hijazi ·
Nader Bakkar ·
Ahmed Zewail ·
Khaled Salah ·
Faiza Abul Naga ·
Abdel Moez Ibrahim ·
Ahmed el-Moslemani ·
Ahmed Maher ·
Hamdeen Sabahi ·
Abdel Moneim Aboul Fotouh ·
Ahmed Shafik ·
Ibrahim Eissa ·
Amr Adib ·
Yoursi Fouda ·
Adel Hammouda
The latest events of "Port Said massacre" and "foreign funding" are also planned. The first one is to spread more chaos and to consolidate the idea of the third-party and the boogeyman; the haters of the revolution. The second one is aimed at consolidating the idea that the military junta fights the third party who is tampering with the security of Egypt. The idea of Port Said massacre is particularly proposed by the United States, but ultimately was not done well as a judicial source stated to Al Arabiya that a GID official had called the judges and ordered them to end the matter quickly in favour of the defendants "who did not attend in the first place."

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