الاثنين، 23 مايو 2011

Why Strauss-Kahn, Head of the IMF, had to be eliminated.

What's this about DNA evidence Blaine? do you know something about that. The man's been tested for DNA, and as far as I know it was offered voluntarily, we don't know the outcome of that as yet, whether it's evidence for or against him. Now, I have talked to quite a few friends who are not honed in to politics or public life all that much, but even they smell a rat just from what is coming out of mainstream media. Bottom line is no kudos for the cops, with all the 'plane and suicide drama and preemptive twittering from elsewhere, and an alleged victim in a safe house!! WTF I bet you'll pick up an old episode of Dallas or Dynasty with this scenario. MikeboydUS's point on the bail is so true, and is embarrassing for the judge and the cops, since it was feared he would flee the country, now they are encouraging him. Let's see what happens now.

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