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ChiracVillepin-FillonDSK duplicity in French Heart Foundation Embezzlement Affair and Mediator Scandal

  • US-UK-France solid Atlantic Alliance YES
    Based on core Republicans-Tories-French right alliance, and those Democrats Labour who share Alliance values and goals
    Did french political elites deserve the sacrifice of WWI and WWII D-Day Tommies and GI's ? NO
    Strauss-Kahn not the right man for France 2012, SARKOZY or AUBRY YES
    White House undercover support, in our opinion, to IMF-DSK campaigner towards french presidential election 2012, through Democrats-Labour-Parti Socialiste freemasonry : biased and disloyal. Public opinions, especially in France, manipulated through proDSK-biased media with blatant conflicts of interest. Deceit and duplicity : DSK lacks the qualities. Focus on artificial polls, no program and no main issues addressed. Some french socialist party leaders responsible since 1986, including recently DSK-man Jean-Daniel Levy, for using, allying underground with and boosting french far-right FRONT NATIONAL in France : cynically irresponsible (far-right rooted in France since the 1850s, remember the past), deceit and duplicity (PS DSK and friendly french and international media are intentionally boosting LE PEN daddy-girl including by marketing her as newly "harmless and presentable" - what about her real decider father Jean-Marie Le PEN, FN party members and 5 million followers, have they really changed their ideas and methods ? - to stimulate FN vote and consequently scare most french people so they vote for deceit "savior" DSK). April-May 2010, we suggested on this blog some form of far-right FN prohibition as a party in France, a proposal immediately taken over by UMP party members close to Sarkozy and 200 UMP Representatives in French Parliament : french socialist PS group (which includes quite a few freemasons and DSK mason supporters) on the one hand, Elysee thence on the other hand, dismissed this whilst PS and chiraquian masons pushed for arranging the good old masonic way Chirac's absolute trial impunity. Now the same socialists cry (or pretend to cry), without duplicity nor exageration, about far-right Le Pen strange poll-leading in first round of french presidential election 2012 without the slighest chance of being elected, to scare french people so they vote for DSK-manipulator who over the years has mostly been defeated in local french elections, has consistently failed to truly oppose far-right FN and is mainly in our opinion an undecisive appointee profile combined to a purely business profile. Whereas leadership and much larger qualities are required to rule France.
    Some current DC White House americans not quite the transpartisan Americans who invited us accross the US, from New York to Washington (where we did visit the Capitol also, as Houses of Parliament in the UK), from Chicago to Denver-Boulder, from San Francisco to LA and San Diego, years ago.
    TIME MAGAZINE March 14 2011 : "Yes, America is in decline", ... led by Obama and Hillary Clinton, an idol to chiraquian-clintonian masons Ann & Roger Baylon-Weissinger (yearly one million dollars CSDR NATO business) our own family who've covered up the ChiracVillepinLePen FHF Embezzlement Affair and retaliations from 2001 against Pr Philippe Coumel, us, our children and took the additional opportunity with Chirac-Villepin protection to spoliate us in France upon Pr Coumel's strange death, whilst their CSDR sponsors' bombs approved by Dem. senator Hillary Clinton were falling over Iraq and whilst they were using their CSDR to carry on business with Chirac-Villepin-Alliot-Marie ie France's President- Prime-Defense Minister officially opposing Iraq war (Chantilly 2005, Paris 2007). French socialists, including DSK, unaware, of course. Masonic mysteries.
    NEWSWEEK March 14 2011 : Hillary Clinton coverpage "Hillary's war. How she's shattering glass ceilings everywhere. article p24 : Hillary Rodham Clinton sets out her most heartfelt mission : to put women and girls at the forefront of the New World Order. Everywhere she travels, Clinton spreads a message of women's empowerment.". WHAT ABOUT BEING EFFICIENT IN SOLVING THE LIBYA CIVIL WAR AND OIL PRICE RISE ? WHAT ABOUT PERSUADING THE PARIS AND US-BASED BAYLON-WEISSINGER-COUMEL Ann-Roger-Claude TO GIVE BACK WHAT THEY'VE SPOLIATED US AND CHILDREN FROM IN FRANCE AND SETTLING THE OVERALL THING - IE POSITIVE POWER (5 MINUTES NEEDED ONLY IN 10 YEARS, ON MARCH 15-16 AND ON WHEN HILLARY CLINTON MEETS WITH SARKOZY IN PARIS) ? UPDATE March 18 2011 : AFTER JAMES JONES WHO RECENTLY LEFT THE WHITE HOUSE, HILLARY CLINTON ANNOUNCED ON CNN SHE WILL QUIT POLITICS AND THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION IN TWO YEARS AND WILL NOT RUN FOR PRESIDENT OR VICE PRESIDENT (Daily Mail March 18 2011, page 17)
    Touching photograph in some pro-DSK french press of Bill Clinton, Lewinski world-famous, and Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Piroska world-famous. And that's the best we're offered for France 2012 ?
    UPDATE March 24, 2011 THE GUARDIAN : IS THIS THE MAN TO DEFEAT SARKOZY ? with rather low-profile photo of DSK : "Socialist forerunner - if he can survive the primaries" (page 30) ie That's why he doesn't want primaries, save forged primaries.
    REPUBLICAN RUMSFELD : "OBAMA IS WRONG ABOUT BRITAIN (Daily Telegraph Feb 13, 2011 and Telegraph Expat Weekly Edition Feb 23, 2011). OBAMA HAS UNDERMINED THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN THE TWO CLOSE US UK ALLIES » ...through France-Lafayette-Amérique freemasonry ie the Clintons / ...french-american Ann&Roger Baylon-Weissinger Defense business and Chirac-Villepin-Michèle Alliot-Marie masons 2001-2007 on the one hand, White House Rahm Emanuel-Hillary Clinton-James Jones / greed masons Ann&Roger Baylon-Weissinger and Sarkozy's Elysee Guéant-Frémont-Levitte & Kouchner in addition. Dominique Strauss-Kahn is also part of that french-american masonry, on the Chirac-Clinton side.
    Rumsfeld : « My impression is that the Obama administration is taking steps that at least symbolically have distanced his White House from what I have throughout my career valued as a special relationship. I don’t know what it looks from the other side of the pond (in UK Europe), but certainly here (in the US) it has dramatised the things that the Obama administration has done that are unhelpful to the relationship (between the US and UK). From the early removal (by Obama) of the bust of Winston Churchill from the Oval Office to the recent assertion (by Obama) that the US does not have “”a stronger ally”” than France, it seems gratuitous to me”."
    In other words, if France is really the “strongest ally” of the US, then was it diplomatic towards the British to make such public statement ? And if it’s untrue that France is the “strongest ally”of the US why such public statement ? Obama once in the White House showed great disinterest in Europe, giving priority to the Pacific and Asia area, in particular understandably to China. And in Europe eventually gave preference to Germany and France ! Some of the 301 million americans and 62 million british should certainly thank french-american Ann & Roger Weissinger-Baylon (Palo Alto, Monterey, Paris 17th, Saint-colomban-Nice) for breaching (including for greed reasons) the UK US Special Relationship.
    Rumsfeld : "Britain has been one of the handful of countries that have had an extremely capable military"
    MARCH 18, 2011 : BRITAIN, FRANCE AND THE US LINE UP FOR AIR STRIKES AGAINST GADDAFI (Guardian coverpage, with full-page Tornados take off )
    LIBYA (March 22, 2011) : CAMERON LED FROM THE VERY ORIGIN, SARKOZY JOINED EARLY, OBAMA STOOD BACK THEN ULTIMATELY APPROVED. US-UK-France LEADERSHIP, with Arab League approval, UN Security Council resolution 1973, Allied Coalition, Odyssey Dawn-Ellamy-Aube de l'Odyssée : STAY UNITED. ALLIED PILOTS AND OTHER MILITARY RISK THEIR LIVES.
    THANK YOU WWI & WWII UK US CAN ALLIES, Churchill The Royal Family & Tommies, Roosevelt and GIs
    Thank you George VI, and Thank you Elizabeth II, Queen of England, last living head of State worlwide from WWII and longest reigning monarch in the UK. Our societies too often lack the spirit, when not excessively despirited. The Royal Family, in particular The Queen, Prince Charles, William and Harry, is a reminder there is a meaning to things in time and a cement to the Nation and Britishness.
    Britain a great nation, as France and the US. No excessive pride, no excessive shame. Just Leadership. US-UK-France solid co-Leadership.
    MAY 3, 2011 (FICTION) Stephen Ronsin-Edwards creates SRE WI, not to be confused with Stephen Ronsin-Edwards Western Identity, as a cross-border, cross-partisan, cross-bridge move to uphold and maintain common Western values and goals for the common interest, outside political parties, which doesn't exclude jointly with or parallel to political parties (depending on idea issue : case by case basis), irrespective of who's in power and cross-Atlantic. At WI, we don't ask you to donate money, we don't want money - this cancels any risks of misappropriation sometimes noticed in traditional political parties, we're non-profit, we mainly aim at support for our ideas. This is a facts-based day-to-day opinion debate, because there is such thing as the power of ideas when they're translated in action and decisions for the common interest. We're a member of no parties and no ideologies. We're aware of the permanent struggle worldwide for power between the world's current dominant ideologies ie secular power vs religious power. Rather than adhering unconditionnally, on one side or the other, to one or the other, we consider combining selectively the positive aspects of both (when available, on a case by case basis) is attainable. We adhere to business as central to our Western societies, we're perfectly aware of the core business and trade issue and also aware that populations' have social needs. We don't adhere to far-right or far-left ideology (even less to communist ideology), which doesn't mean that specific issues raised by them, on a case by case basis, shouldn't be discussed and addressed. SRE WI can be viewed as a non-partisan pro-Western advocacy debate center, for decision-making, action-taking by those in charge in politics (if they wish so), business (ibid), further civil society and for Western world people. No need to register nor give your name and details, this is informal, we mostly aim at sharing common values, goals and support that finds practical long-term results in our Western societies. By tomorrow morning, the WI idea may be taken over by some professional idea thiefs in France. We're used to this. Doesn't prevent the drive. (END OF FICTION)
    May 23, 2011 French left radio France Info refers to Obama's visit to Ireland, Moneygall as an "opportunist" move to gain American-Irish votes in the US towards presidential election 2012. As published in US media, on reelection-campaign Obama is also going in the US for the Latinos votes, the American-African votes, the Gay and Lesbian votes, the pro-abortion, further embryo research, IVF baby business, active euthanasia, gay marriage and gay adoption lobby votes. Themes and issues core to left-wing atheist masonic ideology.
    May 22, 2011 morning : Strauss-Kahn's lawyer Brafman, who's also backed on the french side by Chirac's lawyer Jean Veil, says publicly in center-left Haaretz before possible trial in the US even starts his client Strauss-Kahn will be "cleared" of all charges. It doesn't remind us of some things, similar situation, similar statements and concealed masonic rule in FHF Affair Jan 2002 in France, of course. Chirac a 33d grade freemason, Strauss-Kahn a freemason, Jean Veil a freemason. Evening (France): French center-right François Bayrou gives support on french radio to alleged chambermaid victim and criticizes the fact that "the most powerful of the world" are currently at work (undercover) to clear Strauss-Kahn of all charges. The mysteries of franco-american chiraquian-socialist-DC Dems freemasonry, for dust under the carpet purposes ? Evening : US DC-based CPI releases further information on Strauss-Kahn's May 14th's sexual assault on victim chambermaid.
    May 21, 2011
    Barack and Michelle OBAMA and 1500 entourage in Europe next week : in Ireland Monday May 23 to meet Mary McAleese President of Ireland, open-air speech in Dublin and visit to Moneygall, in UK Tuesday 24-Wednesday 25 for wreath-laying visit to Westminster Abbey, meeting with David Cameron, speech in Parliament, state dinner at Buckingham Palace, dinner for the Queen at Winfield House, in France Thursday 26 for G8 summit in Deauville hosted by President Sarkozy, in Warsaw-Poland Friday-Saturday 27-28 to meet President Komorowski and dinner with 19 Central European leaders, bilateral meetings with Prime Tusk before flying back to the US.
    THE TIMES : Clegg is given brush-off over request for private talks with President Obama. Nick Clegg will only meet President Obama with David Cameron at No10 (page 8). Meanwhile, Cameron's Liam Fox will attend a (Rep) Ronald Reagan's conference in the US. "THERE IS NO CLOSER ALLY FOR THE US IN THE WORLD THAN THE UK", said Mr Obama's top adviser on Europe Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall yesterday. Page 9 : OBAMA'S ANCESTOR'S VILLAGE SPRUCES UP FOR A TOAST TO O'BAMA.
    Unrevealed so far, at least unknown to us up to now : Barack Obama has Irish origins on his mother's side. His maternal grand-father Stanley Dunham, who fought WWII and landed on D-DAY in Normandy, is the son of Mary Kearney herself the youngest daughter of Falmouth Kearney who lived up to 1850 in Moneygall village, County Offaly, between Dublin and Limerick, and emigrated at age 19 from Ireland to New York, United States in 1850. The whole Kearney family eventually established first in Indiana, then Ohio and for a family member in Kansas. Wikipedia on Moneygall, 300 inhabitants : one Roman Catholic school, one Church of England School, secondary education available in other towns, upper education in Limerick with eg Limerick Institute of Technology and The Mary Immaculate College in Limerick.
    Of which Arthur's Irish Paris-based english school director, who suddenly excluded Arthur from her english lessons school from next Sept on May 9 (not an opaque discrimination ?), ie the day Obama's Holder visited french Gueant in Paris and just before Sandeep Gopalan's article in WSJ, is a graduate. Since our post May 14, 2011 (The miracles of non sectarian freemasonry) on this blog (see below), Paris-based Irish school directress from Limerick still hasn't officially offered to keep on Arthur in her school from Sept 2011 and furthermore, despite what she'd announced in her strange May 10 letter to us, still hasn't allocated a place to Arthur's brother, James. Please Note : THE TIMES, OPINION, May 10,2011 : "THE TRUTH WILL OUT. OBAMA SHOULD KNOW THIS."
    May 20, 2011 morning : (Paris, France) CHIRAC TRIAL MAINTAINED. Freemason Jacques Chirac, former French President, will be trialed, at least to keep up appearances of justice.
    May 19, 2011 evening : DOMINIQUE STRAUSS-KAHN INDICTED ON ALL SEVEN PROSECUTION CHARGES. AND GRANTED BAIL. Terms : will be released from Rikers on 1 million dollar cash, 5 million dollar insurance bond secured on his DC property, round the clock electronic monitoring (GPS-enabled bracelet), french passport handed over to US Justice, UN pass to be also handed over, waiver of any application for being extradited, assigned to apartment rented by his wife in Manhattan, own expense private armed guard. Next arraignment June 6.
    May 19, 2011 morning : DOMINIQUE STRAUSS-KAHN RESIGNS FROM IMF. French radio specifies his lawyers ask for his release from Rikers Island, with electronic bracelet, undertaking from Strauss-Kahn that once free he will remain in New York US, waives any application for being extradited to France and will remain under US Justice authority for possible upcoming trial (ie should the NY Grand Jury decide to send him to court).
    May 19, 2011
    WALL STREET JOURNAL coverpage : French Party Backs Strauss-Kahn's Exit. At IMF, the noise of old order creaking (page 12). French ruling party joins calls for ouster (page 12). Across Europe, varied views on Strauss-Kahn case. Lawyer calls hotel maid "simple woman", "afraid". (Republicans) Search goes on for Obama challenger. Big names Huckabee and Trump exit -and Gingrich stumbles - leaving Republican field wide open. Republicans in the running : Mitt Romney. Ron Paul. Herman Cain. Gary Johnson. Tim Pawlenty. Rick Santorum. Newt Gingrich. Unsure : Jon Huntsman Jr. Sarah Palin. Mitch Daniels. Michele Bachmann. Others could still enter, even if they say they won't. Among them : Govs. Chris Christie of New Jersey and Rick Perry of Texas, Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, and Gen David Petraeus.
    (Greek debt) Vienna could be a stop on the route to Greek recovery. Queen gets a taste of Ireland during her trip (photo : "Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip visited the Guiness Storehouse "). Clinton's role rises on mideast (photo : "President Obama is flanked by Secretary of State Clinton and Defense Secretary Robert Gates at a meeting on May 3"). US places sanctions on Syria's President.(Fukushima) Fresh tales of chaos. (Insider-trading trial) Rajaratnam found guilty on all counts. Credit Agricole calls Greek exposure manageable. Moonlight as an online opinion seller. Greece seeks salvation in privatization.
    USA TODAY : Jailed IMF chief is put on suicide watch. Strauss-Kahn being held in isolation (photo : "In court : Dominique Strauss-Kahn is arraigned Monday in New York") (7A). Change sweeps the Middle East but Arab-Israeli conflict hardens. (US Multinational corporations) Why the jobs are going over there.
    FINANCIAL TIMES coverpage : ECB hits out over debt plan. Bank opposes any moves to delay repayments. Trichet angry at talks of "soft restructuring". (Fukushima) Doubt over meltdown dispelled. Page 2 : Damage at the tsunami-hit plant is worse than originally admitted. IMF tells Greece to speed up reforms (page 3). Royal visit aims to boost Irish friendship (page 3).(Strauss-Kahn fallout) Lack of unity on IMF successor. Geithner calls for interim chief at helm. Obama to redefine Mideast policy. (Libya) Economic squeeze stifles besieged Tripoli. FT OPINION : Making succession plans at the IMF. Ability not geography should determine appointments : The best candidate should have a sound grasp of economics, political clout and the ability to run a large bureaucracy. He or she may ultimately be a European, but it should not be pre-ordained (page 10). OPINION : The IMF is making the same mistakes all over again, by Desmond Lachman. (Israeli-Palestinian settlement) A last chance to avert a collision at the UN, by David Manning (page 11). (China-Brazil) Lessons in cultural awareness (page 12). (Business) Greek debt talks cast doubt over sovereign CDS (page 27). (Global brands) Brazil, Russia and India strive for a place at top.
    THE TIMES : non available
    THE DAILY TELEGRAPH coverpage : Queen tells Irish of sadness and regret. Early release for rape ? It ruined my life says a victim. (Strauss-Kahn case) Strauss-Kahn's accuser live in block for HIV sufferers. "Guilty silence" over Strauss-Kahn : French attitude angers women. Gingrich says sorry for attack on Paul Ryan. In Memoriam : Jack Watson, Para who fought at Pegasus Bridge on D-Day and won an MC in the Battle of the Ardennes.
    DAILY MAIL : (Strauss-Kahn case) He was like a gorilla ... new sex claims hit IMF chief (page 9 ; photo : "Strauss-Kahn with wife Anne Sinclair" ; photo : "Tristane Banon: claims she was sexually assaulted"). A deluge of fresh allegations of sexual misbehaviour engulfed Dominique Strauss-Kahn yesterday. Justice vow by "victim". Strauss-Kahn and his many, many women (photo : "Affairs ? Carmen Llera") : Tristane Banon, Priroska Nagy, Aurélie Filippetti, Yasmina Reza, Carmen Llera, young actress, european journalist, mexican chambermaid.
    DAILY EXPRESS : (Strauss-Kahn case) "Sex attack" maid to tell all as IMF boss is put on suicide watch (photo : "Accused IMF chief Strauss-Kahn in court before being put in solitary confinement and on suicide watch at Rikers Island jail. Right, the block of flats where the maid lives in Bronx") (page 17)
    THE SUN : IMF chief faces test over "HIV rape girl" (page 8)
    THE INDEPENDENT : Strauss-Kahn maid gives her side of the story to grand jury (photo of Strauss-Kahn walked out of Harlem police station : "Perp walk protests : media coverage of suspects leaving US police stations in custody is not unusual - but the French were disturbed to see a rumpled, angry Dominique Strauss-Kahn being led away in handcuffs" ; and 3 similar photos of other persons arrested in the US) (page 15). "L'Affaire DSK" leaves France in shock and denial (page 15). IMF : this decision should not be made in haste (p30).
    INTERNATIONAL HERALD TRIBUNE coverpage : IMF CHIEF'S CONTRADICTIONS. Strauss-Kahn's talents are widely praised, but sex life casts a shadow. Photo : "Financial "rock star". Finance Minister Christine Lagarde of France has emerged as a possible successor to Dominique Strauss-Kahn if he is forced to leave his IMF post. A strong personality, Ms Lagarde is regarded as politically astute".
    Belgian press
    LA LIBRE BELGIQUE : (Strauss-Kahn case) (1st article) "Les médias se rebiffent. La presse française prend assez mal les critiques sur sa PERMISSIVITE et/ou sa CONNIVENCE envers DSK, qui lui sont faites par les médias anglo-saxons. Et se défend, de façon plus ou moins convaincante." "French media inappropriate behavior" : Article lists some french Media Establishment journalists who denied jointly Wednesday for themselves (the trade and politicians) having covered up for years Strauss-Kahn's sexual affairs making him in addition to lack of qualities unfit to run the country : Renaud Dely (center left, masonic Marianne, then masonic Radio-France) in L'Obs (StraussKahn-friendly masonic Nouvel Obs, headed by pro-DSK socialist GO freemason Joffrin ?), Yves Thréard (right-wing, masonic Le Figaro), Jean-Michel Apathie (RTL radio), Philippe Tesson (right-wing), freemason Franz-Olivier Giesbert - a former socialist that joined the right years ago (chiraquian-socialist masonry, masonic Le Point), socialist freemason Serge July (chiraquian-socialist masonry, masonic Liberation). According to article, only one french Paris journalist acknowledged the cover up : Pierre Haski (socialist, Rue 89 website).
    Article - continued : "Une presse sans reproche ? Non. A la télé, la complaisance de certains intervieweurs présidentiels n'est plus à démontrer. Récemment encore, un documentaire télé sur DSK relevait clairement du publi-reportage. Et des aspects de la vie privée de Mitterrand (son cancer, Mazarine logée aux frais de l'Etat, etc) n'avaient pas à être tus (ndlr pendant 14 ans 1981-1995) par la presse aux Français, ayant à l'évidence un impact sur la vie publique." (page 12)
    French press
    LE FIGARO coverpage : Affaire Strauss-Kahn. La victime confirme le viol (photo : "DSK, lundi à la sortie du poste de police de Harlem").
    FRANCE SOIR : (Affaire Strauss-Kahn) Violence sexuelle. La parole des victimes trop souvent méprisée (page 5). Page 7 : Carla enceinte, la famille s'agrandit ! Page 12 "Le faux procès fait au système judiciaire américain par un certain nombre d'anciens ministres socialistes comme R. Badinter (ndlr ancien min. de la justice), J. Lang et E. Guigou (ndlr ancien min. de la justice), qui font, me semble t-il, passer leur solidarité avec un camarade de parti au premier plan sans prendre davantage en compte le souci de justice pour la victime présumée d'une tentative de viol." ndlr Solidarité franc-maçonne aussi avec le franc-maçon GO Strauss-Kahn. Page 12 : (Primaires PS) Aubry va "y" aller. Page 15 : Luttes de pouvoir en coulisses pour remplacer DSK au FMI.
    AUJOURD'HUI EN FRANCE coverpage : Dominique Strauss-Kahn. Pourquoi cette Affaire captive les Français. Sexe, politique, argent, médias...
    LES ECHOS coverpage : FMI : les appels à la démission de DSK se multiplient. Pour Washington, il n'est pas en mesure de diriger le Fonds. Page 2 : article "La défense de DSK envisagerait un "plea bargaining"" (ndlr arrangement avec l'accusation), par Pierre de Gasquet... ndlr GASQUET, un nom que ne connaissent pas les poissons pilotes franco-américains Baylon-Weissinger de la maçonnerie Chirac-Bill Clinton ?
    "Ami de longue date du couple Strauss-Kahn, Me Jean Veil est arrivé mardi à New York en vue d'assister DSK, même si la stratégie de défense reste pilotée par Ben Brafman et William Taylor III sur le sol américain". ndlr Jean Veil, franc-maçonnerie chiraco-PS, avocat en France de Chirac et Strauss-Kahn, eux-mêmes organisés en axe maçonnique franco-américain Chirac-Bill Clinton-StraussKahn dans l'ensemble plus large de la maçonnerie franco-américaine. Page 3 : FMI : Les Etats-Unis et des Européens attendent la démission de DSK.
    L'HUMANITE coverpage : Affaire DSK. Les associations féministes dénoncent les stéréotypes concernant les violences faites aux femmes. page 4 : Violences : les féministes dénoncent les stéréotypes. Un complot, un profil qui ne collerait pas à celui d'un violeur...Pour les associations, les commentaires qui ont suivi l'incarcération de Dominique Strauss-Kahn révèlent les idées qui courent toujours sur le viol et les violences faites aux femmes. Seuls 10% des viols font l'objet d'une plainte. "Une atteinte grave à la dignité d'une femme". Encadré : Christine Lagarde à la tête du FMI ? (France) SOS Ecole 1500 classes supprimées.
    LA TRIBUNE (left-wing) coverpage : Les Etats-Unis veulent nommer Lipsky par intérim au FMI. Page 6 : La succession de DSK à la tête du FMI s'annonçe compliquée. Timothy Geithner, secretéaire au Trésor américain, plaide pour l'intérim prolongé du numéro 2, John Lipsky. Le nom de l'actuelle ministre française de l'économie, Christine Lagarde, est avancé et, selon la presse outre-Rhin, elle aurait l'appui de Berlin.
    LIBERATION (socialist) : Page 4 : "Sous pression, le FMI attend la démission. L'institution financière veut pouvoir tourner la page et s'inquiète de son image à long terme. Succession au FMI, l'hypothèse Lagarde. Page 6 : Aubry apparaît désormais à Solférino comme une candidate crédible."
    LE MONDE (socialist) daté du 20 Mai coverpage : "Au FMI, la bataille pour la succession est ouverte. Après la démission de DSK, Christine Lagarde bénéficie de nombreux soutiens (photo : "Christine lagarde. L'affaire Tapie handicape la candidature de la ministre française."). Page 10 : Après la démission de DSK, l'Europe veut garder le FMI. Page 13 : "La tonalité générale des réactions (ndlr en France) est symptomatique d'une société qui maintient le viol dans le tabou", Clémentine Autain. Pour la féministe Clémentine Autain,il faut une réelle "volonté politique pour briser le silence". Page 24 : Débats : Le PS peut enfin tourner la page Strauss-Kahn, Martine Aubry est la seule candidate crédible, par Philippe Marlière, UCL. Oui, il fallait publier ces images de DSK !, par Alain Genestar.
    Please Note : French Clémentine Autain, who we understand has some thoughts for chambermaid victim in the Strauss-Kahn case, is the very first person, and one of very few crosspartisan, who helped us and Arthur (our son then 3 years old) when, as further masonic retaliations-blackmail against us in the ChiracVillepinLePen FHF Affair, Arthur previously deprived from 3 years' creche was in addition deprived of school for an entire year June 2007- Sept 11, 2008. Whilst 99,99 % French Political and Media Establishment covered up "as if". During french March 2008 local elections campaign, Martine Aubry did mention publicly on french radio that "even now, there are still some parents who can't get their 3 year old child enrolled at school". Nicolas Sarkozy and two of his close Elysee staff, including then chief of staff Emmanuelle Mignon were of positive and decisive help in getting victim Arthur enrolled at school Sept 2008.
    May 18, 2011 :
    WALL STREET JOURNAL coverpage :
    Queen Makes Historic 4-day Visit to Ireland (photo : "Queen Elizabeth II talks with Irish President Mary McAleese after arriving in Dublin Tuesday for a historic first visit by a British Monarch since Irish independence in 1921. Behind the heads of state are the Duke of Edimburgh and Martin McAleese)
    Europe Moves to Keep Grip on IMF Job: "A senior European official familiar with the (current Strauss-Kahn) situation said European governments were hopeful that an agreement could be reached with the US and major emerging economies that would allow a European to take the IMF helm one last time, before a candidate from elsewhere took over. Officials say European governments are coalescing around one name for Strauss-Kahn's successor - French Finance Minister Christine Lagarde."
    Queen visits Ireland amid vast security (page 3). The Queen's visit is seen by many analysts as a last part of an official process of reconciliation over the peace process in Northern Ireland. "The fact that a British monarch is coming here on a state visit is an acknowledgement by Ireland of the legitimacy of right of the majority of the people of Northern Ireland to remain British.", said Eunan O'Halpin, Trinity College, Dublin. The Queen's visit comes just a week before US President Barack Obama visits the Irish capital. Opinion polls showed the majority of Irish people in favor of the Queen's visit. Photo : "Britain's Queen Elizabeth II laying a wreath in the Garden of Remembrance in Dublin on Tuesday". article - continued : The Queen laid a wreath in the Garden of Remembrance to those who died in fighting for independence. While relations are prickly on the surface, the two countries have remained close since independence. WSJ continued : UK's Afghan pullout to begin this year. Page 4 : Britain's inflation rate shows further increase. OPINION : Osborne won't always have Lagarde on his side (page 3)(IMF) Acting chief Lipsky is facing a wealth of challenges. (PN : current main issue at IMF is also to decide on whether to force Greek debt restructuring). Europe moves to keep grip on IMF job : "The first obstacle for Ms Lagarde is for her to clear her name of accusations that she overstepped her authority as minister" (page 6).
    Sarkozy urges calm, « sense of dignity ». IMF chief’s wife faces touche path (page 7).
    Medicare revamp exposes divisions within Republicans (page 8). Libya oil chief leaves country. US envoy urges India to expand reforms (page 10). WSJ OPINION : (UK) Electing your Lords (page 14). OPINION : (UK) Keeping the second chamber first-rate. (France) French politics after l'Affaire Strauss-Kahn.
    USA TODAY : (Libya) War-crimes prosecutor seeks Ghadafi arrest (5A). (Banking) No bail for IMF chief. Dominique Strauss-Kahn is charged with five felonies, including attempted rape (photo : "IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn appears in court in New York City" (6A). Pressure rises against IMF chief held in NYC. Strauss-Kahn charged with five felonies (photo : "IMF chief : Dominique Strauss-Kahn appears for his arraignment in federal court on Monday in New York City. His next court date is Friday") (8A).
    FINANCIAL TIMES coverpage : Pressure mounts on IMF head to resign. Europe ministers push Strauss-Kahn to quit. Bail refusal stirs debate over ability to do job. EU leaders look at Greek debt options. Coverpage : Historic day : British monarch begins state visit to Ireland (photo : "Irish president Mary McAleese welcomes Britain's Queen Elizabeth to her residence in Dublin yesterday at the start of a four-day state visit, the first by a British monarch since Ireland's independence").
    THE TIMES coverpage : (Some) Irish eyes are smiling as Queen visits Dublin (photo : "The Queen meets students at Trinity College Dublin at the start of her four-day state vist, the first to the south by a British monarch in 100 years"). TIMES OPINION : We saw a vision. The Queen's visit to Ireland is the first such event in a troubled century. It is a symbol of reconciliation and the hope for a better future. TIMES OPINION : Les Liaisons dangereuses. THE STRAUSS-KAHN AFFAIR IS A DAMNING INDICTEMENT OF THE FRENCH ESTABLISHMENT. "Yet despite knowing the risks, the French Establishment supported Mr Strauss-Kahn, ultimately placing him within stretching distance of the Elysée Palace. The French media were little better, and show every sign of still remaining in denial about their complicity. (Pros and cons of privacy law) Had Mr Strauss-Kahn's public troubles begun in high national office, perhaps on a state visit, the ramifications would have been hideous. Free scrutiny is essential for any functioning democracy. Its obstruction works only to the benefit of powerful men. Our future in the UK should not look like France. The French future should look more like us."
    Page 4 : Strauss-Kahn. He offered an interview in exchange for sex, claims latest accuser. A new life of isolation and dependence. "Four musketeers" who foil media exposés : Aurélie Filipetti, Carmen Llera, Yasmina Reza, Tristane Banon. Select few finance ministers and bankers wait for the call. (UK) Clegg's resolve to reform the Lords meets stiff opposition - even in his own party. (Royal Visit) The Queen bows to Ireland's fallen, a gesture ladden with weight of history. OPINION : Gordon Brown is the last man to run the IMF. The former Prime Minister would use his position to undermine the Government. Why should it let him ?.
    THE DAILY TELEGRAPH coverpage : Photo : The Queen in Dublin yesterday. She is the first British monarch to set foot in the Republic of Ireland. Page 7 : Hidden behind a 25-mile ring of steel, Her Majesty makes history unhindered. Senate plan for Lords "is a dog's dinner" (page 8). IMF boss may admit sexual contact with chambermaid (page 15). Meanwhile, Carla's father-in-law lets slip she is pregnant (photo : "Carla Bruni-Sarkozy yesterday. Pregnancy rumours have been rife for weeks")(page 15).(Libya) Blow to Gaddafi regime as oil minister defects with family. (Business) Debt restructure and "huge reforms" on cards for Greece.
    DAILY MAIL : (Strauss-Kahn) He did something really bad to me. Strauss-Kahn "victim" phones her brother in tears to tell of ordeal. Prickly French close ranks behind beleaguered banker. The Strauss-Kahn affair may claim another victim - Franco-American relations. Yesterday, French friends and colleagues, such as Jack Lang, Robert Badinter, E.Guigou, of the "brave" IMF chief attacked the US for subjecting him to a "lynching". Socialist colleagues even refused to rule Strauss-Kahn out as presidential candidate, even though his political ambitions look finished. Others suggested he was treated badly because of his nationality. Further articles : Be my friend on Facebook, he begged his first accuser Tristane Banon. From luxury suite to nights in solitary (page 6-7). (Royal Visit) A simple bow of the head, such a symbolic gesture (page 11). (France) Here's the proof at last ! Carla shows off Le Bump (photo : "Baby clue : Carla Bruni at the Pompidou Centre yesterday") (page 19).
    DAILY EXPRESS coverpage : Millions must work after 70. New fears they will only have the state pension to live on. Defiant Queen shrugs off Irish bombers (photo : "The Queen on her historic visit to Ireland"). Page 4-5 : Queen defies bombs and riots to pay Irish tribute. DA OPINION: The Queen's welcome (page 12). (Strauss-Kahn) French fury over "lynching" of IMF boss by US court (photo : "Strauss-Kahn in New York court"). (France) Dad reveals baby Bruni (page 20).
    THE SUN : God brave the Queen. She defies terrorists and 9 bomb threats (page 8-9). (Strauss-Kahn) Somebody's done something bad to me ... What IMF chief's "rape victim" told brother (page 14).
    THE INDEPENDENT coverpage : (Royal Visit) One small step for a monarch ... but the first royal visit to Dublin could represent a giant leap for Anglo-Irish relations. Threats and protests cannot dim significance of historical royal gesture (page 4-5). (Strauss-Kahn) Accused IMF chief settles in at notorious island prison. Held in a single cell for his own protection, Dominique Strauss-Kahn awaits events (page 14).(Libya) Libya's oil chief "defects from Gaddafi regime and joins rebels" (page 20). EU admits Greek debt could be restructured (photo : "The head of the Ecofin ministers, Jean-Claude Junker, with France's Christine Lagarde") (page 29). OPINION: Britain, Ireland, and a case of mutual benefit (page 32). OPINION : (Scandals) At least our papers don't pander to the political elite. While British politicians may or may not take liberties over traffic offences, it is unimaginable that any would behave as Strauss-Kahn is alleged to have done (page 33).
    THE GUARDIAN coverpage : IMF chief's arrest prompts scrutiny of harassment claims (photo : "Dominique Strauss-Kahn "has a problem where women work under his command"").
    INTERNATIONAL HERALD TRIBUNE coverpage : Jockeying begins to succeed IMF chief. Thought Strauss-Kahn hasn't resigned, countries step up lobbying efforts.
    Belgian press
    LA LIBRE BELGIQUE : Page 12-13 Opinion : Exception Française. "La gauche française est indignée par le traitement infligé par la justice américaine à Dominique Strauss-Kahn ... La diatribe vire à la croisade nationaliste ("Que font ces Amerloques puritains et hypocrites à notre infortuné compatriote ?")...Certains commentaires ne manquent pas d'étonner. Ainsi Robert Badinter s'est-il offusqué que les Américains infligent à DSK une parodie de "justice égale pour tous"...Vient-il cependant à l'esprit de l'ex-garde des Sceaux que la "justice égale" n'est pas davantage garantie à ceux qui, à la différence de M. strauss-Kahn, ne peuvent pas se payer les meilleurs avocats pour les défendre ? On fait par ailleurs grand cas, et à juste titre, de la présomption d'innocence. Cette précaution fait malheureusement oublier qu'à ce stade la version de l'accusation est au moins aussi crédible que celle de la défense (elle semble même l'être davantage car, contrairement à l'autre elle n'a guère varié jusqu'ici). Or, de Jack Lang sur France 2 à Bernard Henri-Lévy sur son blog, en passant par Martine Aubry, François Hollande et Ségolène Royal, aucun ténor de la gauche n'a eu initialement le moindre mot pour la victime présumée de l'agression, même assorti des réserves qu'imposent les incertitudes entourant l'affaire. Tout le monde y est allé de sa compassion pour DSK, son épouse, sa famille, ses "amis socialistes" ... Quant à la femme de chambre, il ne s'est guère trouvé que quelques bonnes âmes dont Clémentine Autain pour penser à elle. Mme Autain, il est vrai, a été violée quand elle avait 23 ans."
    LE SOIR : Page 11 Un océan d’incompréhension entre la France et les USA : « « Il est opportun de rappeler qu’il fut un temps où les hommes puissants pouvaient s’attendre à ne pas être inquiétés pour ce genre d’agissements - Oui, c’était au temps des dinosaures, et Dominique Strauss-Kahn donne toutes les preuves d’en être » commentait l’éditorialiste vedette du Washington Post Eugene Robinson. » » « La dernière chronique de Bernard Henri-Levy, qui semblait sous-entendre une certaine responsabilité de la femme de chambre (entrée « seule » dans la chambre), a embrasé mardi les blogs américains. » « « BHL, une honte nationale française », titrait le site conservateur Reason. »
    LA DERNIERE HEURE coverpage : "Agression - Les conditions de DSK au pénitencier. Page 6 : Le pouvoir français est sorti de sa réserve Mardi, évoquant pour la première fois une éventuelle culpabilité de Strauss-Kahn. François Fillon a déclaré que si les faits reprochés à DSK étaient "avérés", il s'agirait "d'un acte très grave qui n'appelle aucune excuse". Nicolas Sarkozy a appelé les responsables de la droite au "sang-froid" et à la "dignité". Les socialistes ont préféré défendre la présomption d'innocence de leur camarade et s'en prendre à la justice américaine qui permet la publication d'images jugées dégradantes comme celles de DSK menotté dans le dos. La fiche de détenu de Dominique Strauss-Kahn disponible sur le net. La prison de Rikers Island publie sur son site le profil de chaque détenu, dont celui de DSK."
    French press
    LE FIGARO coverpage : Le PS assommé par le scandale Strauss-Kahn (photo : Strauss-Kahn).
    FRANCE SOIR coverpage : Tout le monde savait (photo pleine page : Strauss-Kahn) (NOTRE OPINION : REALLY ?). "On aurait du lui mettre des gardes du corps pour l'empêcher de faire des conneries (un proche de DSK)". Dossier France Soir : Les précédents dérapages de DSK. Le portrait de la victime présumée. Ce qui s'est vraiment passé au Sofitel. Où en est le PS ?Page 3, fiche officielle d’incarcération de Dominique Strauss-Kahn à la prison de Rikers Island, New York.
    LA CROIX coverpage : Morale et politique, de nouvelles exigences. L'inculpation de Dominique Strauss-Kahn conduit à s'interroger sur les critères éthiques qui encadrent la classe politique (photo : Strauss-Kahn)
    AUJOURD'HUI EN FRANCE coverpage : Le prisonnier de Rikers Island (full page photo of Strauss-Kahn and of Rikers Island entrance : "Au coeur de New York, le pénitencier de Rikers Island, où DSK a été incarcéré, compte environ 14 000 détenus")
    LIBERATION coverpage : Sexe, médias et polémique (full page photo of Strauss-Kahn and Benjamin Brafman) : "Violemment mis en cause par la presse américaine (NOTRE OPINION : PAS DE FUMEE SANS FEU ?), les journalistes français s'interrogent sur leurs pratiques (NOTRE OPINION : VRAIMENT ?)".
    LES ECHOS : Le PS attend encore un peu avant de tourner la page Strauss-Kahn. Les amis de DSK patientent avant de choisir leur camp : Cambadélis derrière Aubry. Moscovici derrière Delanoe. Fabius ...
    L'UMP insiste désormais sur le sort de la victime présumée de DSK. 2012, ce sera Sarkozy contre les apparatchiks. Sarkozy trace sa route. Le parcours judiciaire de DSK ne fait que commencer. Le FMI bruisse de rumeurs sur l'après-DSK.
    LA TRIBUNE : LES AMERICAINS SURPRIS PAR LES REACTIONS FRANCAISES, suite aux déclarations (ndlr du franc-maçon Mitterrandien GO) Jack Lang : (US) "Les Français ont une drôle de manière de traiter les criminels." "Les Français sont connus pour leur nonchalance à l'égard des appétits sexuels de leur hommes politiques (WSJ)". Nombreux sont ceux aux Etats-Unis qui s'interrogent sur le silence de la presse française sur des faits antérieurs présumés. Encadré : Le nom de Christine Lagarde cité pour le FMI (page 31).
    LE MONDE daté du 19 Mai : Affaire DSK : l'instant de vérité pour la défense. Le directeur général du FMI est poussé à démissionner. Ses avocats préparent sa défense. En France, Martine Aubry s'apprête à être candidate.
    May 18, 2011 CNN wire : IMF chief faces pressure to resign as scandal ripples across Europe
    May 18, 2011 French left-wing satirical Le Canard Enchaîné, pro-StraussKahn until last week (coverpage) : "Les amis de Dominique Strauss-Kahn se lamentent : "Erection, piège à cons !"". "At the Strauss-Kahn Festival...a chambermaid's diary".
    So now Canard Enchaîné, in addition to some at Le Monde, Liberation, Marianne, Mediapart, Nouvel Observateur, JDD, Paris-Match, Europe 1, BFM, i-tele, France Info, will support "as if" french socialist Hollande close to Chirac close to Strauss-Kahn towards french presidential election 2012 ? Or a possible rather surprising Fabius-Royal alliance close to Strauss-Kahn close to Chirac ?
    Page 3 : "Le réquisitoire de la Cour des Comptes contre Lagarde". Page 4 : "Comment Sarko casse la Cour de Cass' ". Page 7 : "Christine Lagarde - Exécutée woman ? Cette fidèle exécutrice à Bercy des réformes en zigzag de Sarko va-t-elle finir en fusible dans l'affaire Tapie, jugée à la place de son président, comme jadis Juppé ?".
    May 17, 2011 (France) PS socialists, ie Dominique Strauss-Kahn's friends, file a draft bill in french house of representatives scheduled June 9 towards authorizing gay marriage in France, a Christian country despite a masonic republic, with a view to courting minorities for french presidential election 2012. Gays and lesbians already have PACS in France. This issue is a well known freemason bipartisan common cause. Marriage, as specified by DOMA in the US, is between a man and a women and as such is core to Western societies and identity. As we're not freemasons, our opinion as a married couple with children is NO to gay marriage in France.
    May 17, 2011 The Queen's and Prince Philip's State Visit in Ireland, Dublin.
    May 17, 2011 International press :
    WALL STREET JOURNAL coverpage : IMF Chief Is Held Without Bail (photo : "IMF head Dominique Strauss-Kahn with his lawyer Benjamin Brafman at Manhattan Criminal Court in New York on Monday, where he was denied bail"). Scandal's impact : Agenda : Europe should slacken influence over IMF. French come to terms with Strauss-Kahn scandal. Rival Socialists get a boost ahead of 2012 vote.
    USA TODAY : Strauss-Kahn charged in sexual assault in US (page 6A)
    NEW YORK POST : He had sex with the maid
    NEW YORK POST web : Don't let him run the agency. Treasury Secretary Geithner says Strauss-Kahn currently "in no position" to run the IMF
    THE TIMES coverpage : In the dock IMF chief and France's culture of secrecy (photo : "Dominique Strauss-Kahn appeared before a court in New York yesterday where he was remanded in custody over six charges, including attempted rape and unlawful imprisonment")
    THE DAILY TELEGRAPH, coverpage : IMF boss sits with the dregs of New York. British Afghan plan alarms US.
    DAILY MAIL : IMF chief refused bail as court told of chambermaid's ordeal (page 12) (photo : "Arrival : a handcuffed Strauss-Kahn is marched into court in New york" ; photo : "Unshaven : The haggard IMF chief in court as the charges against were outlined"). Other article page 13 : "My nightmare, trapped by the "rutting chimpanzee" " (photo : "Claims : French novelist Tristane Banon"). OPINION : A sexual satyr, a conspiracy of silence and why we must NEVER have privacy laws like the French, by Stephen Glover.
    DAILY EXPRESS : Behind bars, IMF chief in sex scandal (page 7) (photo : "Strauss-Kahn in handcuffs, circled, yesterday. The Sofitel. Inset, writer Banon claims he attacked her in 2002"). Page 20-21 : The sex scandal that was waiting to happen. Dominique Strauss-Kahn is a womeniser who may face jail and the sack from one of the world's top jobs - yet still his forgiving wife stands by him (photo : "Charm : Anne Sinclair stands by her husband Strauss-Kahn, inset in 1986, despite an affair with Piroska Nagy, inset, and Tristane Banon, inset." France's passionate love affair with the illicit.
    THE SUN : No IMF bail-out. Finance chief held in cells on rape charge (page 11) (photo : "The world's most powerful banker is led in handcuffs"). photo : "Tristane Banon : "I kicked him. I called him rapist. He didn't care" ". photo : "Wife Anne Sinclair : "I do not believe the accusation for one second" ". "SARKO WARNING : French president Nicolas Sarkozy is said to have warned Strauss-Kahn about his womanising before he left the IMF in Washington. A biography of Strauss-Kahn called Secrets of a Presidential Contender claims Mr Sarkozy told him : "Over there they don't joke about this sort of thing. Your life will be passed through a magnifying glass. Avoid taking the lift alone with interns. France cannot permit a scandal"." "But within months of taking over the key role in 2008, IMF aide Piroska Nagy's husband discovered she was sleeping with Strauss-Kahn."
    THE INDEPENDENT full coverpage : No bailout for IMF chief. Dominique Strauss-Kahn remanded in custody after sexual assault hearing. Allegations of other attacks add to woes of former French presidential hopeful (photo :" IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn in Manhattan's Criminal court yesterday")
    THE GUARDIAN coverpage : Down and out in Manhattan : head of IMF denied 1 million dollar bail on rape charges (photo : "Dominique Strauss-Kahn waits for his arraignment at Manhattan criminal court yesterday")
    FINANCIAL TIMES coverpage : IMF chief denied 1 million dollar bail. Strauss-Kahn held in New York. New sex claim. Shockwaves in France (photo : "Dominique Strauss-Kahn at Manhattan criminal court yesterday, with lawyer Benjamin Brafman")
    INTERNATIONAL HERALD TRIBUNE coverpage : Judge denies bail for Strauss-Kahn (photo : "Mr Strauss-Kahn at his arraignment Monday in Manhattan Criminal Court, where prosecutors presented allegations of prior behavior similar to the sexual assault he is charged with"). In Paris, French political world is upended as IMF chief may face charge at home. In New York, Judge Melissa Jackson deems him a flight risk after officials cite gravity of allegations.
    DIE WELT : coverpage on DSK
    SUDDEUTSCHE ZEITUNG : coverpage on DSK
    L'ORIENT DU JOUR (Lebanon), coverpage : L'arrestation de Dominique Strauss-Kahn crée une onde de choc dans le monde
    French press
    LE FIGARO en couverture : Strauss-Kahn, la prison. Il doit abandonner le FMI. Il doit renoncer à l'élection présidentielle (photo : "Hier à New York, DSK au moment où il apprend son placement en détention")
    FRANCE SOIR couverture pleine page : La fin de DSK. Il risque 70 ans de prison ! (photo : DSK)
    AUJOURD'HUI EN FRANCE couverture pleine page : DSK, KO debout. Hier, à l'issue de sa première comparution devant un tribunal de New York, DSK a été placé en détention provisoire. Il comparaîtra de nouveau le 20 Mai. Selon le droit américain, il risquerait jusqu'à 74 ans de prison (photo : DSK)
    LES ECHOS en couverture : Accusé 1225782. La justice new-yorkaise refuse la libération sous caution de Dominique Strauss-Kahn et ordonne son incarcération. Le tribunal évoque un risque de fuite à l'étranger du patron du FMI. Sous l'acte d'accusation 1225782, l'ancien ministre socialiste nie et plaide non coupable. Une nouvelle comparution devant la justice est programmée vendredi (photo : DSK)
    LIBERATION couverture pleine page : DSK, KO. Accusé de tentative de viol, Dominique Strauss-Kahn a été incarcéré hier par la justice new-yorkaise (photo : DSK)
    L'HUMANITE : DSK, de la lumière à l'ombre (photo : DSK)
    LE MONDE : Le Parti socialiste prépare les scénarios de l'après Strauss-Kahn.
    L'EXPRESS, en couverture : DSK, l'Affaire qui change tout
    LE POINT, en couverture : DSK, la chute
    May 16, 2011 afternoon and evening : Dominique Strauss-Kahn in New York criminal court and jailed in Rikers Island, New York, US.
    May 16, 2011 morning, parallel to press, « as if » : Whilst we attend a funeral, further possible political-masonic pressions or retaliations, if not blackmail, against us in Paris, France. To help Dominique Strauss-Kahn, in other words conflict undercover with normal course of criminal justice in the United States ? And with reprisal-calculation views towards french presidential election 2012 ? The same thing previously happened to us in Paris when the Clearstream Villepin Smear Trial started in criminal court Sept 2009 (political-masonic blackmail against us, to keep us victim-witness quiet, with french masonic media parallel silence, to protect Villepin), now exactly through same channels as 2009 ...and 2001-2002 french presidential campaign (FHF Embezzlement Affair). UPDATE MAY 17, 2011 : These new pressions are also triggered against us just when freemason chiraquian and double game Paris Prosecutor Marin requests (rightfully) the Chirac Trial to be held. In addition to being freemasons and well-known within insider France for their mistress and womenizing trend, Chirac (33d Alpina), Villepin (GLNF), Strauss-Kahn (GO) also have in common their cover up since 2001 of FHF Affair, of all sordid retaliations against us our children and of Pr Coumel's strange death. Besides, since Nicolas Sarkozy's election 2007, Chirac-Villepin-StraussKahn (chiraquian-socialist masonry) also coalized underground against Sarkozy with a permanent view to french presidential election 2012. And possible further blackmail against us suddenly reappears the "as if" masonic way, just when Chirac should fall under Embezzlement Trial in Paris-France, Villepin falls under Clearstream Smear Appeals Trial in Paris-France and Strauss-Kahn may fall under Sexual Attack, Rape Attempt and Sequestration Trial in New York, US. Also when Bernadette Chirac who was at Elysée 1995-2007 with Jacques Chirac during FHF Affair (1995-2005), including when Pr Coumel whistleblowed FHF Affair (Jan 2001-March 18, 2004), and who's been politically going back and forth between Sarkozy (UMP) and Hollande (PS) since 2009 visits Centre George Pompidou in Paris (french i-tele media, May 17). The Chirac also have the Veil as friends in common with Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Jean Veil being Chirac’s lawyer in France and Strauss-Kahn’s lawyer in France.
    The French political-masonic way : add more scandal to a worldwide scandal ?
    May 16, 2011 morning - press :
    WALL STREET JOURNAL : IMF Chief Held on Rape Charge (coverpage, photo : "Dominique Strauss-Kahn, pictured at a news conference earlier this year, was apprehended on a plane after allegedly assaulting a maid"). Page 9 : The arrest of Dominique Strauss-Kahn. European debt talks turn murkier - IMF chief's expected departure complicates efforts to seal commitments for assistance to Greece and Portugal. The IMF chief has had a storied political carrier but also his share of allegations of corruption and abuse of power. A "Lightning Bolt" for French Politics. FT OPINION : The Strauss-Kahn Charges. Other articles : Greece to miss deficit goal, complicating bailout. Gingrich hits GOP health plan. Libya rebels plan new government. NATO's mission, in Libya and beyond, by Mr. Anders Fogh Rasmussen secretary-general of NATO.
    USA TODAY : IMF chief denies rape allegations after arrest (coverpage)
    FINANCIAL TIMES : Greek talks in disarray after IMF chief arrest.
    THE TIMES : IMF chief is charged over "sex attack" on hotel maid (coverpage, photo : "Police said Dominique Strauss-Kahn had fled the hotel leaving his mobile phone. He was detained on an Air France flight"). TIMES OPINION : He Kahn't Any More. Articles : "Everyone knows that his weakness is women. It's all a plot". IMF chief was preparing to tackle Greek debt crisis. Sex and politics spells disgrace.
    THE DAILY TELEGRAPH : Head of IMF charged over hotel sex attack (coverpage). Sarkozy rival in court over "sex attack" on hotel maid. Strauss-Kahn arrested on airliner and charged with attempted rape. Socialist allies admit career is finished. "Daily Telegraph Britain at War" reprint : "May 16, 1941 : British attack Nazi planes in Syria. Action forecast by Mr Eden. 30 German machines in Iraq. US envoy's treachery warning to Petain. The reminder of Admiral Leahy, United States ambassador to Vichy, to Marshal Petain". (Business) Europe loses key IMF ally on Greek debt. "The IMF has already come under pressure from the US Congress to be tougher on European debts". Emergency lender faces a crisis of leadership.
    DAILY MAIL : IMF chief charged with sex attack on hotel maid. Left-winger they call the hot rabbit (page 5)
    DAILY EXPRESS : IMF head accused of sex assault on chambermaid (coverpage). IMF boss charged with attempting to rape maid at hotel (page 5)
    THE SUN : IMF boss charged with rape attempt (page 11)
    THE INDEPENDENT : IMF chief charged with attempted rape after "brutal attack" at hotel. If only his judgement had extended to his private life (page 6-7)
    THE GUARDIAN : Strauus-Kahn charged with attempted rape of maid in New York. Debt talks in crisis as IMF chief held over sex assault (coverpage, hoto of Strauss-Kahn)
    INTERNATIONAL HERALD TRIBUNE : IMF deputy takes helm in turmoil (coverpage)
    (Belgian press) LA LIBRE BELGIQUE, en Une : Rideau sur une ambition (photo pleine page de DSK) - L'arrestation et l'inculpation de Dominique Strauss-Kahn sonnent le glas de ses ambitions présidentielles en France. Elles mettent aussi le FMI en difficulté. Articles pages 14-15 : "Dominique Strauss-Kahn inculpé. Brillant, ambitieux, séducteur ...Epinglé : une réputation sulfureuse connue des journalistes. Entreprenant. La réputation sulfureuse de Dominique Strauss-Kahn a été évoquée parfois à demi-mots dans la presse française. Peu avant que DSK ne soit choisi pour diriger le FMI, en 2007, le journaliste de "Libération" Jean Quatremer, écrivait sur son blog : "Le seul vrai problème de Strauss-Kahn est son rapport aux femmes. Trop pressant, il frôle souvent le harcèlement. Un travers connu des médias, mais dont personne ne parle (on est en France)." Dans leur livre "Sexus Politicus", les journalistes Christophe Deloire et Christophe Dubois avaient, en 2006, consacré un chapitre à Dominique Strauss-Kahn, sous le titre "L'Affaire DSK". Le livre évoque, sans la nommer, une jeune journaliste qui affirme avoir rencontré DSK pour un livre qu'elle écrivait. "Il se montre très entreprenant, voire inconvenant, au point qu'elle a songé à porter plainte", écrivent les auteurs."" Page 15 : "Epinglé. Avec Piroska Nagy, par le chas de l'aiguille." Editorial, page 56 : Sous la ceinture, par Philippe Paquet.
    (German press) BILD coverpage : SEX-KRIMI um wichtigsten Banker der Welt (photo : IWF-Dominique Strauss-Kahn)
    (French press) LE FIGARO, en Une : Affaire Strauss-Kahn. Coup de tonnerre sur la présidentielle. Le directeur général du FMI est accusé à New York d'agression sexuelle, de tentative de viol et de séquestration.
    May 15, 2011 (US) NEW YORK POST coverpage : Cops haul french pol off JFK plane. Sleazy Money. Head of IMF arrested for "sex crime". DAILY NEWS coverpage : Le Perv. French big busted in sex attack on hotel maid.
    May 15, 2011 morning : web media release : IMF DSK arrested yesterday May 14 by US police in New York on sexual assault and harassment charges and charged May 15.
    1) Monday May 9, 2011 : Obama's freemason Eric Holder US Attorney General meets in France GLNF freemason Claude Guéant Home Secretary, who’s covered up since 2001 for Chirac 33d grade Alpina and Villepin GLNF, as franco-american Chiraquian Clintonista masons Baylon-Weissingers (CSDR NATO business) the FHF Affair against Pr Coumel us and our children. Gueant is a life-long state employee who’s by some aspects undercover on the far-right side. He was for instance mentioned and auditioned in a French 1997 Parliament official report on far-right FN’s militia (« Le DPS, service d’ordre ou garde prétorienne ? »), a report initiated by socialist Prime Jospin. The report globally suggests that for years french right in power, under Chirac and that includes Gueant from 1986, has been very kind to far-right FN's DPS militia in France, despite serious antidemocratic violence involving DPS and its far-right former military and mercenaries.
    Gueant was also involved more recently as Elysee’s No2 in depriving our youngest son Arthur of school for a year June 2007 - Sept 11, 2008, as further political-masonic retaliation and blackmail against us in FHF Affair. Later on, from Jan 2009, Obama's White House and Sarkozy's Elysee co-led by Gueant worked undercover through franco-american masonry to bypass and undermine US-UK Special Relationship. Things made easier by those within Trilateral, CFR and Bilderberg who choose Obama and placed him in the White House : they specifically picked two people (Obama, Rahm Emanuel) with concealed personal mobiles and bias against the British, whilst Sarkozy and his Elysee close team, despite they being pro-american (some progress in France), fall under anti-British jealousy and masonic bias they share with chiraquian-PS masonry.
    2) May 9 2011 (received May 10): Our 6 year-old son Arthur suddenly denied further extra-curricular English school lessons from next September. Politically and masonically not related to this blog of course.
    Center where Arthur attends lessons is in Sarkozy’s former town, not far from an american Adventist Church and not far from former GLNF registered office, main school center being American Church in Paris.
    3) May 10, 2011 : Gueant, after having met Holder, announces 6 terrorists-to-be arrested in France.
    May 10, 2011 Arthur age 6 notified he’s excluded from English classes.
    4) May 11, 2011 In Wall Street Journal (franco-american masonry), Opinion by Sandeep Gopalan : Was bin Laden's killing lawful ? Sandeep Gopalan, head of law department at the University of Maynooth, Ireland. In our opinion, Mr Gopalan approves (as WSJ and for Obama‘s White House) the summary execution but realizes the method its not best marketing for Western world, and in conjunction with Obama's freemason Eric Holder's new statements finds surprising new legal basis for the execution whilst asking parallel Obama's White House to get its story straight for worldwide public opinion. They recently worked on this and have eg since gained some convenient Rep insider support to in our opinion feed friendly media with a new dust under the carpet version : « no waterboarding, no summary execution ».
    What WSJ doesn’t tell the public : Sandeep Gopalan first studied in India, then was a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford, just as freemason Bill Clinton was an Oxford Fulbright Scholar, and was appointed by Clintonista Dem Governor of Arizona Janet Napolito to Arizona’s Aerospace and Defense Commission (Raytheon, Lockheed, Northrop, Boeing, ie more or less the same sponsors as the Dem Baylon-Weissinger Pentagon-backed CSDR NATO, our masonic rule greed « family ») where he served 2005-2006 before joigning Maynooth university in Ireland, County Kildare, a County Arthur’s Irish school director should know of since she studied at Limerick, County Kildare. Janet Napolito, a « Methodist » (very different from Adventist ?) and Virginia JD is Obama’s (non freemason ?) Secretary of Homeland Security, thence the american counterpart of french Gueant. A small world isn't it ? On the US side : Obama freemason, James Jones (Rep) freemason close to Clintonista masons Baylon-Weissinger CSDR NATO and working with Clintonista Napolito who herself appointed Gopalan (not a freemason ?) who himself works at a formerly catholic (now also secular ?) Irish university close to the one Arthur’s Irish director is a graduate of (Limerick), that director also associated with American Church in Paris. On the French side : Gueant freemason, rather on the undercover far-right side, who’s covered up FHF Affair, whose GLNF’s corrupt grand-master Stifani still hasn’t cleared off, who’s deprived Arthur of school for a year, who’s attended John Paul II beatification (for catholic votes in France next election) and who receives Obama’s freemason Holder who works with Napolito (franco-american masonry) who also works with Donilon.
    5) May 11, 2011, day after Holder meets Gueant : International Herald Tribune (Paris-based european edition of NYT, Democrat’s and White House voice, franco-american masonry) : « French say 6 planned to train in Pakistan. The French police arrested six men they asserted were Islamist militants who were planning to go to Pakistan to train as djhadists, Interior Minister Claude Guéant said Tuesday May 10. Nothing indicates that an attack was imminent. » Counter-terrorism, isn’t that an issue Napolito and Gueant work on together, including on the media public announcement side ? Page 5 : « Bin Laden sons accuse US of « arbitrary killing ». Page 9 : « Humanist error », involving the president of Britain’s atheists « with an Oxford connection ». Like Gopalan?
    6) May 11, 2011 : All of a sudden, Mr Gueant’s freemason cabinet and services search our car plate number and have us send a ticket dated May 7 2011, received Friday May 13 (not another fetichist date for some freemasons ?). May 13 2011 also we receive an out of the blue call from french Cemetery services. Not before May 13, not after. So kind. Since 2001 in FHF Affair, among global Chirac-Villepin retaliations against us and covered up by Gueant, we’ve also experienced this key date and double shot retaliation process dozens of times : it isn’t called how to retaliate and steal further money from victims with the appearances of normality.

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