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The truth of 11 september by American scientists

Showed the existence of a conspiracy against the beliefs of the American people by decision-makers, after revealing several facts have been intentionally hidden, are as follows:
September 17 2001 Ground Zero 04.jpg
NORAD defense system set up two years before the actual process of training and fake to hit the twin towers and the Pentagon. [5] There were exercises to test the work of the defense system in the same day of the attacks.
In September 2000, prior to receipt of the administration of George W. Bush appeared a report by think tank working on a project the New American Century, the most significant contributors to it are Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Jeb Bush, Powell and Vootz, called the report Rebuilding America's Defenses, it was stated by the process required change will be slow in the absence of very substantial size of catastrophic events disaster Pearl Harbor [6] [7]
October 24, 2000 in the Pentagon has a huge training dubbed Maskal. Included training and simulation of an airplane hitting the Pentagon Boeing 757 [8] [9]
On June 1, 2001, new regulations and appeared suddenly from the presidency of the Military Staff precludes any department or air force to intervene in cases of hijacking an aircraft without submitting a request to the Minister of Defence and who will decide the final decision regarding the procedure which can be taken [10]
With the frequency of negative U.S. reports said French intelligence that Osama bin Laden had entered the American Hospital in Dubai on July 4, 2001 two months before the events of 11 Spmnbar which he visited a client and agency central intelligence, who was called immediately afterwards to Washington [11]
In July 24th, 2001 by a Jewish businessman named Larry Silverstein hired twin towers of New York City for 99 years including a contract worth $ 3.2 billion and included the lease insurance policy valued at $ 3.5 billion paid to him in the event of any terrorist attack on the towers. The amount is applied as a multiplier to attack each plane is a terrorist attack separately. Silverstein and continue to pay rent after the attacks, and within that the right to develop the site and the construction process which will place the towers ancient [12].
In September 6th, 2001, was the withdrawal of all dogs to trace explosives from the twin towers were heavily guarded detention operations in spite of repeated security warnings from security risks [13]
In September 6th, 2001, jumped sale and disposal of the shares of U.S. airlines a total volume four times the size of the sale and disposal of natural of such shares. On September 7, jumped sale and disposal of the shares of Boeing to the total volume five times the size of the sale and disposal of natural of such shares. On September 8 jumped sale and disposal of the shares of American Airlines to total volume 11 times the size of the sale and disposal of natural of such shares. And the sale and purchase after the subsequent events and provided a profit of U.S. $ 1.7 billion [14]
On September 10, 2001, many officials in the Pentagon to cancel trips to their flight on September 11 a sudden [15]
On September 10 arrived and Willie Brown of San Francisco Governor of a telephone call advising him not to fly to New York to attend the meeting scheduled to be held on September 11, did not leave on that advice. It turns out later that the call is issued from the Office of Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice
[16] [17]

Been reports of seeing Osama Bin Laden the night of 11 September in Pakistan in a Pakistani military hospital where all employees were evacuated from the Department of the urinary tract and replacement of the army by two factors [18]
On September 10, has been moving most U.S. fighter planes to Canada and Alaska in a training exercise called the evil north to fight the attack fleet Rossi and placebo, on 11 September was broadcast images of combat planes, fake screens on military radio that disrupted air defenses in the system of NORAD that day. Did not remain in the entire United States of America only 14 fighter protection, On September 11, was sent 3 aircraft F-16 are what you keep next to the Pentagon to a training mission in North Carolina. [Citation needed]
Official version: a Boeing 757 flight No. 77, which hit the Pentagon (according to the official version) turned 330 ° in the air at speeds of 530 miles per hour and decreased at the same time 7000 where it was presented during the two and a half to be able to crash into the Pentagon.
Expert opinion: it is impossible for Boeing 757 aircraft to do that maneuver, and if what has been the attempt will develop the plane, called the situation STALL, and this lack of response means that the aircraft aerodynamic, any loss of control to the movement of the aircraft [19]
In November 2002, crashed due to a collision with pole lighting before arriving at the airport for the movement of U.S. President George W George HW Bush to Ecuador, where the rupture of the engine and scattering [20], while according to Alrwabp official was able to Flight 77 of the collision and the uprooting of 5 columns lighting from the ground without getting wings or engines of any damage.
Does not appear on the green grass in front of the Pentagon no signs of collision or ski plane.
Did not show any substantial part of trails or parts of a wing of the plane that crashed into the Pentagon. The official version says that the temperature of combustion evaporated plane. In spite of the evaporation of the metal plane, has been identified for 184 people out of 189 people were killed, of whom 64 people were aboard the plane, which evaporated due to heat. Taking into account that the plane's engines, which weighs 12 tons of evaporated material is titanium with a high degree of fusion.
Showed three small pieces have been dealt with on the basis of it from the remains of the plane. These pieces do not match with any component of the Boeing 757 [21]
Before the collapse of sclerosing section in the Pentagon leaked images did not show any holes in the wall, except for one slot banking giant to be equal to the size of the fuselage, and did not show any other openings to penetrate the huge wings or engines [citation needed]
Scent article appeared Alchorudayt outstandingly in the Pentagon building a fuel for rockets and missiles is not used as fuel for aircraft.
Towers did not fall, but only the main and fell Trade Tower No. 7, which contains the headquarters of the CIA and the Secret Service after several hours, without a logical explanation, and turned out to be wholly owned by Larry Silverstein, who had rented the rest of the towers. And all the buildings surrounding the tower was not affected by the seventh. I did not even drop windows. The official explanation is that the shrapnel wounds and came to the tower and led his destroyer was damaged and caught fire inside it and thus its collapse had missed him in the form of some as a blow by the microcontroller. If this theory be true, this tower is the third tower in the history of mankind fail because of the fire, the first two towers are the twin towers fell [22].
Has been detected in a program broadcast live on the arrangements for Larry Silverstein to blow up the tower 7 that day. News broadcast, which took 10 minutes exposure to interference, five times [23]. Larry Silverstein received $ 861 million in insurance value for the building and buy it, which cost $ 386 million, net profit is not subject to taxes of approximately $ 500 million
Survivors spoke of explosions were occurring within the towers [24] However, the official investigation to ignore it.
The fall of the south tower took 10 seconds, a period of time required for free fall from the top of the tower without any obstruction or resistance. This means that the upper part was falling in a vacuum and not the rest of the structure of the tower, which stands below it.
Was recorded vote bombings of buildings opposite the towers [25]
Firefighters arrived to the floor of No. 78 [26] and were able to fight the fire on that floor with the floor that he had hit the plane, which is supposed to have melted due to heat [27]. U.S. authorities banned the issuance of an audio tape confirmed this to be leaked to the press [28]
Description of many of the firefighters what they saw as the bombing of the towers [29]
Evidence has been obtained to suggest that explosions under the ground beneath the towers moments before the collapse. These bombings were picked up by observatories Columbia University [30].
America has accused bin Laden of involvement in the attacks, but bin Laden commented on the incident said: "He commended the workers of the process - that the official did not mention them - but said that in the Islamic state can not perform any work without the permission of the Imam of the state.
Airspace of the United States and any country in the world was covered with monitors connected to the aircraft movement did not move any aircraft from the U.S. Air Force base in 28 at the level of America, and why has not reached any computer for the loss of aircraft and the transition from track and already this region does not enter the aircraft. [Citation needed]
Why can not the civilian Air Traffic Control is responsible for guiding and monitoring of civil aircraft in the discovery of the missing aircraft.

There were five Israelis filming the towers from the roof of their company, they laugh They were arrested but released after 72 hours. [Citation needed]
The United States of America to Osama bin Laden from the Taliban government, but the Taliban demanded from the United States to give evidence that the mastermind of this operation.
The back of bin Laden in a videotape shown by the U.S. government, speaking rate process for him, but the person the speaker is not bin Laden but did not even like it, and checking video-saw supporters of the conspiracy theory that a ring of gold - this is forbidden by Islamic law - and the back of bin Laden writes with his left hand that all those who know him saw him write with the right.
Has been documented by some interested in the American documentary film Loose Change, which shows the relationship of the government of America of September 11 bombings photographer and powered by official documents and personal interviews and scientific analysis.

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