الاثنين، 11 أبريل 2011

The difference between Islam and Muslims

Islam is the third religon sent by god,now if we look to people from the three religos, and also other religons
we find to main points
1- Not every one is  applying  the rules of his religon
example: muslims are not the lonly people killing or lieing
also Christians,Jowesh,....etc.
2-The main point making the most problems
some people are appling the words from Quran as they wish ,
let us take Gehad as an example
what is Gehad ?and who can apply? it and how? and who order for Geahd?
Gehad is to defence our country and our religon
who can apply anyone of course has to defend his country and his religon
how ,to defend any attack to our country
who gives the order of Gehad,,, .. either the governer of the country  , but if the governer is not a good one
an islamic leader accepted(elected) by all muslims not any one
also in this case it is completly forbidden to kill civilins ,women,children
What is the problem?????
in the islamic countries because of the dictator governer, the people have very few of religon education
and they mean it ,(they think that is helpfull for them to stay as long as they can.

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